How to start a village

village is now often said, is when people often envy, so, how to start as this part of the crowd, the village? How do they find their way to riches? Here may wish to look at how to start a village!


The hole Xiaoteng

25 years old this year, graduated from Anhui Agriculture University, 2009 was hiring to Wuwei County Fu Du zhen. In rural areas, a long hole Xiaoteng Cobain of farming village business well in mind, build their own brands, when Fu Du Zhen traffic convenience, fertile soil, and farmers are still mostly planting popular grain and cotton, he has led us to adjust the industrial structure, large-scale cultivation of fruits and vegetables. How to make the villagers believe in themselves, with their own work? He decided to set up a fruit and vegetable planting demonstration garden.

is talking to enjoy, interrupted by a phone call to the phone interview, hole Xiaoteng report "victories": "today sell well. A large box of a morning sold out, village business to build their own brands, the afternoon and took the goods……" The phone is the provincial Party Committee Organization Department called, they are very concerned about the village official brand sales of strawberries. How can a village official succeed? Xiaoteng > hole

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