Sea Lake Avenue Road repair to facilitate public travel

Currently, the right part of the sea lake road sections are being implemented water pipeline laying project, road restoration is also synchronized! According to the usual need for more than two months, and strive to reduce nearly half of the time. The purpose of doing so is to ensure the completion of the project on the basis of quality and quantity, shorten the duration of the project, to facilitate public travel, ease traffic pressure. June 5th reporter saw at the scene, some of the road has begun to carry out the bottom asphalt paving.

it is reported that the Sea Lake Avenue tap water pipeline project is 1920 meters long, in May 13th May 17th formally excavation water supply department, municipal project management office, the construction team approach, on one hand they oversee the water sector of backfill, responsible for the implementation of pavement compaction, asphalt paving work hand. At present, the water supply sector to the municipal authorities handed over 1500 meters of pipe trench, municipal departments have begun to carry out the bottom of the asphalt pavement of 1000 meters, and a few hundred meters are still in the backfill. According to reports, after the asphalt shop, the vehicle can walk. Other road conditions, such as the stability of the road, will be carried out in order to make the road more smooth.

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