Xining three months will add a number of green landscape to create a beautiful street

10 road, 1 million 200 thousand green potted landscape production…… When the spring blossoms, it is coolcity (the world’s cool city) the most charming occasion. This month until the end of July, Xining will use three months time, around the creation of National Forest City goals, add multiple city green landscape, to create the most beautiful scenery on the streets of the provincial capital.

in accordance with the relevant planning of the city of Xining, in the three months to the end of July this month, the main road three county four district will add 2 potted spots and 2 hanamachi. At the same time, Xining city will build and transform the road green space, the completion of the Beichuan river north of Kunlun Road South Binhe Road, No. 1 road, bridge, East extension seamount and Sichuan Road Kam two road three road north and South extension section, latitude 10 road green space construction. Enhance the transformation of the garden green landscape, the completion of Chaoyang Park, west coast road green, Tiger Park, five fork small garden, East and West Street and other green space to enhance the transformation of the landscape of the 10. The new street park green space, promote the international river park, Nanchuan two road, South Park, Haixi road Wanying Jiefangqu Park 10, 34 hectares of Green Street construction.

upgrade Beishan beautiful garden landscape, the airport expressway (Xining section) along the green landscape to further enhance, the completion of the railway left open, local line plots of Pingxi Expressway greening. Ning Hu citizens pay more attention to the landscape renovation project will be fully completed, the public toilet, landscape lake, water platform, landscape sketch, landscaping, public service facilities and infrastructure construction, build the whole landscape of Ning Lake Wetland park.

in addition, Xining city will be in the park garden and actively carry out comprehensive environmental remediation activities, the total elimination of lawn bald spots, flowers, flowers and shrubs to carry out landscaping pruning, green landscape upgrade etc..


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