Xining 262 community pharmacies recycling expired drugs

to further enhance public awareness of drug safety and environmental protection awareness, prevent expired drugs into illegal channels, in May 15th, the Xining Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau of the "clean up small family medicine, recycling expired drugs" campaign launch ceremony in the Nanshan Road West community curtain.

as a municipal government for the tangible things project, based in Xining last year, designated 200 family expired drugs recovery unit, this year a total of 62 home personnel intensive, full-featured and community pharmacies, as of 2015 the family expired drugs recovery point unit. Formed a set of reasonable, convenient, efficient operation, management norms, the family expired drugs recycling service network. The same day, the launching ceremony of the scene and distributed in 62 families of the city’s recycling service failure expired drugs and action, carried out a series of household recycling expired drugs and drug safety knowledge consulting and other service activities to identify counterfeit drugs.

it is reported that the city’s 262 fixed-point recovery unit will be regularly recycling of expired drugs, handed over to the district food and drug administration, by the district food and Drug Supervision Bureau unified organization and make a record of the destruction of destruction. Fixed point recovery unit shall not destroy the recovered drugs.


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