Railway station offices in the village neighborhood committees do practical things until the office

"to the residents to do practical things, certainly is better, but not to bite off more than you can chew. Do one thing, and do it well." This is the city of Xining East Railway Station Office in the village neighborhood committee staff often hang in the mouth of a word.

Zhai Chunchao is a laid-off workers in the village. At the age of more than and 50, he lives alone, without any income, and sometimes he doesn’t have a meal. Zhai Chunchao always wanted to find a job to support themselves, but he always rebuffed no proficiency in a particular line. Community staff to understand his situation, several times with the jurisdiction of the unit coordination, let him to the jurisdiction of the unit when the security. After a long time, he found himself older and had a hard time doing the job. Community staff in a timely manner to the railway station office reflects the situation of Zhai Chunchao. Under the joint efforts of the office and community staff, Zhai Chunchao became a cleaner. But because the body is not good, did not support the dry soon. He was a bit frustrated, I think the community staff must be bored with him, no longer tube him. Did not want to think, the community staff again for him to run around, and finally, finally for him to contact a co manager of the work.

today, Zhai Chunchao went smoothly. He said: "if it is not a community and then, and then three to manage me, I can not eat even rice."

in the village of a resident and mother live together, mother’s body is not very good, usually take the medicine, the day over the tension. Thus, the residents want to let the elder brother to pay more for their mother’s living expenses, but can not reach a consensus between each other. Community staff know immediately after the door mediation, patient persuasion. After several visits to the community staff mediation, in the end, the residents reached an agreement with the brothers, the family reconciled.

"do not do a good two times, until the office to become a stop, it can not do, but also to reflect the relevant departments in a timely manner." Village neighborhood committee in charge of Li Runqiu said.


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