Kim Jiuchen deputy mayor on the current urban greening work put forward new requirements

April 27th, deputy mayor Jin Jiuchen led the municipal government office, the Municipal Bureau of parks responsible comrades, some of the streets of the city green and green building inspection.

Kim Jiuchen deputy mayor and his entourage visited the project green area four Street building, green street landscape upgrade city. In the green field, the workers are speeding up the favorable opportunity for fine weather, soil preparation, planting trees, tree pit excavation, wells installation work. Every one, gold Jiuchen vice mayor to ask species selection, planting trees survival, a detailed understanding of the project construction schedule.

gold Jiuchen vice mayor pointed out that in recent years, the city continue to intensify efforts of urban greening, urban vegetation coverage rate increased significantly, the effect of landscape city greening. This year, the city launched the establishment of National Forest City, chuangsen control index, coverage rate and per capita public green area of our city’s forest index is not up to create requirements, therefore, in the next period, the four district government and relevant departments to further enhance the sense of responsibility, seize the key, according to local conditions, vigorously promote urban greening work. At present, one should seize the favorable season, landscape planning, long-term design, highlighting the city greening characteristics, expanding the clove planting area, and effectively improve the quality and level of greening; two in the city of idle land on both sides of blank key areas such as road and see the seam Zhilv, so it should be green is green, there are green earth. To further improve the city green quantity; three to increase efforts to change the traditional potted landscape, landscape technology, with bright colored flowers and other plants, reasonable planning, scientific layout, and constantly improve the ornamental landscape, beautiful city landscape; four to grasp the technical guidance and daily maintenance management work, especially to strengthen the current drought watering. Make sure to plant a tree, a living tree, a piece, a piece of green, improve the survival rate of trees. Fifth, the landscaping facilities maintenance, renovation, upgrading, in order to consolidate the green achievements, enhance the landscape effect. Through the increase of urban landscape construction, and steadily promote the city’s landscaping and "Sen" work, and strive to improve the city livable environment, so that the city environment more beautiful. (Office of the Secretary six)


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