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In May this year, Xining city has been set up based on the "love team" and "party demonstration fleet", by the 6 taxi companies were founded the "brand team", so far, Xining city taxi co founded the brand team 8. In addition, there are 200 taxi was named the city’s youth civilization taxi". Brand taxi from the earliest 36 to nearly eight hundred now, the provincial capital taxi is a new look to greet the visitors to the eight party.

"master, hello. You look at the master also holding the child, the car is not very good, can not let the child holding the first car ah?" August 20th 12, the provincial capital of the Yangtze River intersection, Lei Feng team is trying to persuade the passengers of the taxi race for the two Liu Shenglan. Liu Shenglan sat on the taxi, the first sight is the windshield of the upper right corner of the bright red "Lei Feng" team, clean body, white seat, attentive service, make people feel warm.

brand team fine service see civilization

at noon on August 20th, in the provincial capital of Kunlun Road, took the taxi company a "brand car" firmly stopped. Look carefully at the taxi, the body is very clean, the front and rear windows are affixed to the "brand team" team standard.

bus, car seat cover cloth clean and brighten, "service qualification certificate" squarely placed at the specified location. The driver Han Qingfu introduced the company to create "brand team", launched a number of high-quality service activities: when the passengers get off, if no light on the dark road, the driver will be keen to use their lighting lamp. During the college entrance examination, free shuttle college entrance examination students and send blessings to the college entrance examination, encouraging words. Meet the elderly, disabled free shuttle bus……

"now many passengers as long as the bus saw the team logo, feel more relaxed, some passengers said, see the logo, feeling the driver technology is very good, safe and reliable, is not afraid of lost something can’t find. I think that the implementation of these activities for the driver, as long as the quality of service has increased, the brand started, passengers naturally more, the economic benefits will be increased." Han Qingfu said.

brand taxi West Railway Station exhibition style

The brand team rental

Xining city after the formation, take turns to carry out the integrity of business activities at the train station, not received a penny, provide considerate service for passengers, the train station in order to regulate the role of taxi operating order.

is a member of the brand so expensive taxi, there is a train station in a hurry to catch the train passengers bag fell on the car, rushed to the station. You will just as many passengers rushed to the city area, Xu you found a black handbag on the back seat, so expensive is a recall of passengers falling, the passengers can just at this time but this package is his claim.


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