Carefully organize the implementation of the work of the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation g

this year, the City Transportation Bureau attaches great importance to the Green Zone, according to the unified arrangement, Nanshan green command seriously, strengthen the implementation and progress of the green management work smoothly, the growth of trees thriving green area.


, a spring, bureau of traffic of city green area to seize the favorable opportunity of spring planting, launched 2012 forest replanting planting work, combined with the actual processing of green area, tamarisk planting more than 60 thousand branches of sowing, replanting willow planted more than 4 strains, the survival rate reached 98%, the successful completion of the spring planting season.

  two, in the unified arrangement of Nanshan green headquarters, city traffic bureau timely organize manpower, equipment maintenance, repair ditches, carry out spring irrigation, to achieve a green area full coverage of the target. At the same time, actively carry out the prevention of plant diseases and insect pests, in high season spruce moth pests, mobilize all personnel to carry out a large-scale forest cutting of Forest Disease Branch, be careful pruning, every branch disease branch, according to the specification of that centralized pruning, centralized collection, centralized treatment, and actively cooperate with the Department of forest protection of forest pests and diseases, more than 300 acres of area of large-scale spraying work, well done in pest control and spring irrigation tasks.


three, in 5-6 months, with the supply of water for greening irrigation area Nanshan gradually stabilized, bureau of traffic of city green area increasing, the organization focused on human, on the basis of forest Guanyang assault, according to the "Nanshan green area forest maintenance management measures" requirements, focus on the implementation of the provisions of pruning, fertilization, tillage, rotary bud scarification, green area overall maintenance management level to a new level, to better consolidate the results of afforestation, improve infrastructure. Xining Nanshan green headquarters of the office of the greening of the spring irrigation and plant diseases and insect pests in our work to be commended.

is currently in accordance with the unified arrangements Nanshan headquarters, the city’s green area is 1050 acres of forest trees for irrigation, the maintenance work in an orderly manner in the third.


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