City leaders instructions to thoroughly investigate the problem of tofu

Wang Yubo: the shutting down of the need to shut down Tong Wang: Xining evening news played a role in the media to strictly investigate the issue of tofu source


to implement the municipal government leadership of the spirit of the important instructions, to ensure the public food safety, let the masses eat safe, assured tofu and soy products, food and Drug Administration issued an emergency notice, quickly organized food and drug supervision departments of four districts and three counties to carry out the tofu problem of food service units focus on remediation special action. Focus on remediation special action, in order to check the food service unit tofu and soy products purchased product packaging, packaging and labeling compliance, and compliance of shopping vouchers as the key content, in order to use tofu and soy products a large number of large stores, Hot pot catering services, construction site canteen, school canteens, group meal distribution unit, central kitchen as the key units, strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, thorough investigation of food, food additives and food related products purchasing recordrope ticket purchase inspection and purchase records system implementation situation investigation, the investigation and rectification of the rectification requirements, food service units to complete the certification of food production units the procurement of food raw materials, supervise food service units to strengthen food raw materials procurement management, to ensure that food, food additives and food related Product sourcing channels formal, traceable source.

at the same time, supervision and inspection of food and drug administration, steering group consisting of four of the food and drug supervision departments four area tofu concentrated rectification, and timely investigation risks, effectively eliminate the problem of tofu into food and beverage service sectors, ensure tofu focus on remediation special action responsibility and measures are in place, to achieve tangible results.

the next step, the city’s food and drug regulatory authorities will continue to severely punished according to the relevant provisions of the food safety law. (reporter Wang Xiaofang)



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