Our province to complete the rural three left personnel thorough investigation work

implementation of the State Council and the relevant ministries of the province’s deployment, timely carry out the province’s Rural three left personnel thorough investigation work, as of now, the province thoroughly investigation work has been fully completed.

from the beginning of April to the end of July, the province’s total found 18180 children left in rural areas, including 12293 students in kindergarten, 2875 people, 215 people with disabilities, by the government to rescue 770 people, no household of 220 people, the total number of eligible minors accounted for the province’s Rural household registration number 2.11%; investigation of a total of 3576 people left behind women in rural areas meet the conditions of rural women, the province accounted for 0.38% of the number of household registration; investigation of a total of 10508 people left behind elderly in rural areas, accounting for the province’s rural household registration number of the elderly with 2.9% conditions. By Mopai found that left behind children in rural areas of our province mainly concentrated in three counties of East Sea and Xining City, left behind women relatively concentrated in East Sea and Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the elderly left behind in the sea east city, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in three to the more concentrated.


diagnostic investigation work, led by the local county civil affairs departments, supervision and guidance of the people’s Government of a township (street) and village (neighborhood committees) will carry out a comprehensive, Mopai data with the education statistics and enrollment system of rural left-behind children data, the public security organs of household registration data for comparison and verification, made clear base, the situation quasi. At the same time, collecting data and basic information of all the input "the Ministry of civil affairs of rural left-behind children data acquisition software", form a complete, detailed dynamic updating of rural left-behind children information base, improve policies and measures to care for the protection of refinement, guide the grass-roots autonomous organizations and social forces to provide basic data to support the implementation of precise care protection.


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