Need to standardize the sales season

because many shops in the season when it don’t have to worry about commodities, will often take some non-standard operations, may have what effect in the short term, but so long, for the development of the shop will be very bad. Therefore, even in the sales season, the same need to standardize the operation, so that the store can be more long-term development.

holiday sales season is coming, I believe the majority of retail customers are thinking about the same problem, that is how to seize the opportunity to further enhance the legitimate profit? The author believes that the standard operation is to look at the long-term future, we make money common development path.

In recent years, many

from retail customers to shop the actual business situation analysis of the causes of the legitimate profit level is difficult to improve, is the main part of retail customers dumping and non-standard business and other illegal behavior caused by. The price is like Domino, as soon as there is any business dumping, then the whole street price system will be shaken and destroyed. In addition, do not regulate the operation, the sale of counterfeit tobacco products and other illegal acts is to destroy the normal order of the cigarette market, black hole, the majority of retail customers and consumers of legitimate interests. Standardization is the cornerstone of the rule of law, solid foundation, fair competition, in order to allow law-abiding operators do not suffer, in order to allow the healthy and orderly development of the market, the legitimate profitability of retail customers continued to improve.

this year, Jiangxi Nanchang Bureau (company) urgently retail customer needs, enhance the legal system from the retail customer profitability perspective, marketing services launched new initiatives, continue to increase market supervision, maintain fair competition, the cigarette market showing a good trend, has brought new hope to the vast number of retail customers.

so, how to face the sales season, while taking advantage of a good start and make more money?

first, keep up with the rhythm. Retail customers and friends to keep up with the tobacco companies cigarette delivery strategy rhythm, operating according to the law, obtain more intellectual support and marketing guidance in close collaboration with tobacco companies, optimize business, expand the profit space.

secondly, maintain price. Each customer must not lead a retail with dumping, two does not follow the adding and three Daomaidaomai illegal operation of "three" requirements, adhere to blatantly, promote the business environment continued to improve.

moreover, norms in place. The majority of retail customers should strictly regulate the operation, not only the promise to stay in the oral, but to the implementation of the actual business; not for the immediate petty profits seduced, to standardize business, we make money "as the operating guidelines in the implementation of the action.

"standard" two words is easy, but when the shop, the actual operation in order to profit, many shopkeepers to.

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