Huangzhong commitment to give children a nap bed

recently, the media reported the Huangzhong County Wangjiazhuang village of Hai Zi Gou Xiang preschool children, because at noon without wall to sleep in the outdoor resting place, attracted great attention in China, became the domestic hot news. To this end, Huangzhong county Party committee and government solemnly promised to overcome the difficulties, and strive in the next 16 months, to solve the problem of the county’s 68 rural early childhood education at the end of the 2120 children without resting place.

it is understood that Huangzhong county is a state-level poverty-stricken counties, in recent years, some do not have the conditions of rural kindergarten set up 68 preschool education, to make up for the conditions are not ripe not establish a kindergarten, so as to solve the rural preschool children unattended, accidents occur frequently, but also solve the farmers the menace from the rear, to make effort and time of migrant workers and farmers, is welcomed by the peasants. At the same time, the move makes the county three years of pre-school education enrollment rate increased from 7% to 95.3%, a comprehensive upgrade of the quality of pre-school education. But because of financial constraints, the county in recent years has actively established 65 kindergartens, but some Alexander goushen, traffic inconvenience, scattered over a broad area, there are still 68 rural preschool education, the short term can not be upgraded to kindergarten, so most of the preschool education as a basic model for non formal preschool education go teaching form, can not provide lunch break at noon places and facilities for children.

according to media reports, the county government in the county promised immediate solutions of 34 children in Wangjiazhuang village lunch break at noon, and then hand actively the qualified preschool point upgraded to kindergarten, solve some problems in the rural preschool education fundamentally, on the other hand, encourage social forces to set up a private kindergarten. At the same time, the county education department called on people from all walks of life to pay attention to the rural preschool education, to provide children with a bed, a small quilt, together to protect the healthy growth of children in rural areas. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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