Xining city for entrepreneurs to lend 75 million 970 thousand yuan

Reporters from the city

entrepreneurship microfinance Loan Service Center learned that from 1 to October, the city issued personal loans 465 pen, the loan amount is 39 million 470 thousand yuan; distribution business loans 22 households, total loan amount of 36 million 500 thousand yuan; for entrepreneurs to provide business loans 75 million 970 thousand yuan.

it is understood that, in order to better provide financial help for entrepreneurs, the city to further optimize the adjustment of entrepreneurial guarantee loan policy. The application object conditions from the city accounts further relaxed, all in the province registered within the territory of the business sector, with entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial conditions of urban and rural workers or independent business entity or partnership office network businesses, as well as labor-intensive Small and micro businesses can apply for a business loan guarantee.

the amount of loans secured by the venture capital also increased. Individual independent venture, entrepreneurial guarantee loan amount is generally not more than 100 thousand yuan. Good credit, repayment ability, in line with the region’s industrial orientation, continuous operation for more than two years (including two years) of entrepreneurs, according to their production and operation of the situation, the maximum amount of guarantee increased to 200 thousand yuan.

cooperative operation or organization of employment, according to the sum of the sum of the investment, each calculated by 100 thousand yuan guarantee amount, the maximum amount of not more than 1 million yuan. The term of the guarantee loan is not more than three years. If it is due to be extended, the lender shall submit an application for a month prior to the expiration of the loan.

at the same time, taking into account the entrepreneurs in the early stages of entrepreneurship, often plagued by financial problems, the city also lowered the threshold for the protection of entrepreneurial loans secured. Do need to provide counter guarantees, can take the following three ways. Mortgage backed security. Individuals or enterprises with their own land use rights, residential, residential land, plant, office, commercial housing and other fixed assets or real estate as collateral for the loan applicant to provide counter guarantees. The mortgaged property shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of his rights. Other property collateral collateral according to the relevant provisions of the "security law" in People’s Republic of China; the pledge of counter guarantee, individual or enterprise with its own certificates of deposit, cheques, drafts, bonds as collateral to provide counter guarantee for the loan applicant; ensure the counter guarantee, have the ability to repay debts of individuals and businesses, to credit for the loan applicant to provide counter guarantee.

According to the Xining

entrepreneurship microfinance loan service center responsible person, the biggest highlight of the venture secured loans, personal self employment secured loan amount is not more than 200 thousand yuan, and the loan interest rate based on the benchmark interest rate up 3 percentage points or less, give full discount by finance.


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