Xining City, east of the rural land tax organization to visit the elderly in Xining

in the construction of "Qinghai civilization" in the process of Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau with their own advantages, and actively carry out charity activities, recently organized more than sixty never go out of the mountains of the rural elderly visited the capital of Xining.

County, Huangzhong, Ma Long village is the East District tax bureau counterpart helping village. Not long ago, in the village of Ma long long life, never went to the city of Zhao old man to the village cadres to express the desire to visit Xining. In that old people’s wishes, has been concerned about the development of Ma Long Cun, Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau leadership immediately contacted the relevant departments decided to organize the village more than 60 old people go to Xining, and arranged for 4 staff accompanied by changes to the old people on the Xining city in recent years.

arrived in the city, should the old people’s request, Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau staff led the old man who visited the plateau wild zoo, kylin Bay Park, central square, sunning Plaza Street and along the way. The spacious streets, the tall buildings, the crowd, are deeply attracted to the elderly. The 80 year old Wang Jinlan is the first time to Xining, she kept staring at the car window, not live praise: Xining city is really beautiful!" East District, the Inland Revenue Department official said, the village is located in remote, the lower the standard of living of the people, the lack of opportunities for farmers and the outside world. Especially the elderly, more difficult to have the opportunity to visit the provincial capital of Xining. The activities of the old people in the village of Xining Ma Ma personally feel the prosperity of the city, but also to the elderly in their later years to add fun.


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