The National Day is expected to Xiqianxinju Xining city four district 859 low households to low rent

The morning of September 28th, Xining city housing security and the housing authority according to the minimum of three county four district housing tenants to apply, in accordance with the "low rent housing Shiwupeizu allocation scheme" relevant conditions in east area, West District, North District, Chengzhong district four district, the unification of the 2012 urban minimum living family of low rent housing Shiwupeizu Yaohao allocation. The same day, the city’s 859 low-income households into low-cost housing, the National Day holiday is expected to be able to stay in these new homes.

in order to solve the Xining city low family housing difficulties, do low rent housing allocation fairness, justice and openness, according to the "notice" of Xining Municipal People’s Government on the issuance of the minimum living guarantee for urban families of low rent housing in Xining City, the implementation details, Xining City real estate department on the development of the "Xining city low rent housing housing with the rent distribution plan" in early July, according to the program, only one of the following three conditions: no housing poor families (including) before December 2007; enjoy the minimum living allowance for urban residents; per capita housing construction area of 8 square meters in the low income families with low-cost housing applicants. The wave number of the city’s total of 859 sets of low rent housing, according to the proportion of households living in urban areas with minimum living security in the four districts of the total number of households were allocated. Among them, granted Shiwupeizu, by the four district government jointly with the supervision and auditing departments in accordance with the priority, difficult to take care of the lonely old sick principle, determined by ballot. At the same time, the wave number according to the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau "on the settlement of child welfare orphans of low rent housing report", consider the protection of healthy growth factors and orphans priority housing, 5 sets of low-cost housing allocation to meet the conditions of low-cost housing orphans.

low assurance Ma Ruyu pumped to the first floor, he was satisfied with the results. Ma Ruyu has been living in a rented cottage with his family, he and his wife’s meager income per month, to eat, to buy necessities, and the rest paid the rent. Ma Ruyu said, live in new houses will never have a heavy burden of rent, but the Yaohao most let him feel intimate, the city district staff to take care of the disabled and elderly people need special populations, not only let them first pumping, also voluntarily applied for disabled people, the elderly, let they preferred the following 2 storey houses.

It is reported that

, the wave number distribution of low rent housing is located in Xining City, south a period, two period, match factory and other places, for multi-storey residential houses are equipped with water, electricity, heating, gas and other basic living facilities. (author: Xiao Shu)


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