To promote the overall harmonious development to create a new relationship between teachers and stud

campus corner (Chen Wenyuan photography)

campus miniature sand table (Chen Wenyuan photography)

to meet the party’s eighteen victory, the CPC Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department organized the central green and provincial news media in recent years, economic, people’s livelihood, education and other aspects of the development of a focus on the interview. November 2nd morning, reporters follow the City Board of education propaganda department staff, came to Qinghai Huangchuan middle school ministry interview, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school principal Zhang Jianguo received us.

president Zhang first start from school history, he said, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school was founded in 1938, the first "management of the indemnity board of Qinghai Huangchuan middle school". At the beginning of the last century, the "return" part of the "Boxer Indemnity" as Chinese education fund, set up a "management indemnity board", the board of directors of Xining in the west of Jia Xiao Zhuang 113 acres of land to build a middle school, beginning with "Qinghai Huangchuan middle school" in the name of. In 1943, the school transferred to the Ministry of education, renamed the "national Qinghai Huangchuan middle school until the new building China. After the founding of the PRC, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school has changed to "Qinghai Province, the first high school of Xining", "Qinghai Province experimental middle school, Second Middle School of Xining city". In 1984, the official complex called Qinghai Huangchuan middle school". In 2002, Xining city for optimizing the allocation of educational resources, expand the school effect, will be transferred in Sujiahe Bay of Qinghai province electric power school to Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, set up a "Qinghai Sea Lake Road, Huangchuan middle school". In 2005, officially named "Qinghai Huangchuan middle school". While the original Nanchuan road Qinghai Huangchuan middle school was renamed "Qinghai Huangchuan middle school first". And in 2003 the new "Liu Zhai Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, second, formed the" Qinghai Huangchuan middle school group".

said Qinghai Huangchuan middle school principal Zhang said the status quo, sincere words and earnest wishes now Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, high school is located in Xining City, the Lake District, is a full-time provincial standardized boarding high school, Qinghai Province, Xining City, the focus of high school. The school has 32 high school classes, more than 1 thousand and 900 students; 148 faculty members, 140 full-time teachers, 59 senior teachers, 57 secondary teachers, primary teachers 24. Now the school has an office, party office, teaching, students, teaching and research section, logistics center, information center, Youth League eight offices, nine middle-level cadres. High school, high school, high school three grades, the teaching and research group of the eight. The school plans to increase from 2011 to 2 teaching classes, the final completion of 60 classes, more than 3000 students’ development goals.

at present, the new campus of Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, due to various venues, funding and resources are the state and social support, now innovation highlights very much, Zhang Jiaozhang here face full of pride, he said that these highlights three days and nights can not after the students now is really amazing, even the teachers and the students are;

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