Xining city traffic police detachment to pay close attention to passenger safety

Spring Festival, Spring Festival is approaching, in order to effectively prevent and resolutely curb serious road traffic accidents, to create a good environment for the operation of passenger vehicles, Xining city traffic police detachment of a multi pronged, pay close attention to the responsibility to implement, implement the management of highway passenger traffic safety norm, comprehensively promote road passenger safety activities carried out.

increase the intensity of road patrol control. Detachment is required each brigade according to their characteristics, clear passenger vehicles governance key sections, scientific adjustment service arrangements, the noon and night to strengthen field squadron and other key periods of service inspection. In the area to set up a temporary checkpoint, strict implementation of 7 or more passenger cars by car registration system to ensure that when the passenger traffic regulation in place, do not get out of control for 24 hours.

thorough investigation of passenger traffic violations. The brigade with the current traffic safety situation, based on careful analysis of the previous winter area vehicle management experience, combined with the characteristics of Road area, the passenger vehicles free parking on passengers, speeding, overcrowding, fatigue driving and other illegal acts as a breakthrough of management according to law, strictly check illegal passenger vehicles correct, the formation of a powerful momentum on the contrary will find ". Especially on the bus overcrowding, in strict accordance with the relevant legal requirements, in addition to punish resolutely unloading passenger transport. At the same time, the investigation of the outstanding traffic violations will be the maximum penalty, and resolutely put an end to the human case, the relationship case".

strengthen the supervision and management of passenger transport enterprises. Special police organization into the passenger transportation company, and the company managers signed the target management responsibility, and to the company by personnel to carry out safety education; convened by the company held a forum for people and the bus driver, told them the relevant provisions of laws and regulations; and be responsible for safety education on the contract object and comprehensive tracking management, strictly prohibited one passenger car, does not meet the safety requirements of vehicles on the road, do not meet the requirements of the driver driving the car, do not fasten the safety belt driving and fatigue driving. There will be a variety of illegal vehicles in a timely manner to inform the company.

strengthen traffic safety education. Organization of the police in front of the traffic checkpoints in the past to the driver to provide security education publicity materials to strengthen the safety of passenger drivers and passengers ride the Department of education. Traffic safety publicity to the masses, dangerous propaganda take overcrowded vehicles, improve self-protection awareness of the passengers. In carrying out all kinds of traffic regulation at the same time, through the issuance of promotional materials and other forms in the area carried out within the scope of publicity, to remind people not take one car, do not take the illegal operation of vehicles, education of the masses cherish life, don’t take his car. (author: Guo Feng)



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