Supply and marketing cooperatives held a people-oriented, diligence to perform their duties, the the

according to the associated party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection, on the joint system to carry out people-oriented, diligence to perform their duties, the theme of education and Publicity Month activities arrangements for the file [2011]20. In July 25th, union convened the company Party branch secretary, deputy secretary of the discipline committee and union organs of all staff of more than and 20 people participated in the anti-corruption situation report lectures by union party Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Committee of the comrades still do qi. The meeting focused on the current task of China’s anti-corruption situation, with a large number of examples of education Cadres should strictly perform their duties the importance of diligence, through publicity and education activities, the supply and marketing cooperatives to further improve the system of Party members and cadres honest and diligent and honest business consciousness, to further build a strong ideological and moral line of defense against corruption, to the actual effectiveness of credibility and the anti-corruption struggle, to promote the "four development", building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai ningxinjuli, escort.

finally, union party secretary, director of Comrade Yang Fengjie publicity activities of union anti-corruption requirements: a company is mainly responsible for the unit in the anti-corruption reports on the situation, improve the company middle-level anti-corruption awareness, ensure the union system is clear honest work style. Two is due to the State Council document No. 40 and No. 100 document issued by Qing government in recent years, the supply and marketing cooperatives project work intensified, project funding increased year by year, anti-corruption work more arduous tasks, opportunities and risks coexist, our cadres must keep a clear mind in the work of the project, in accordance with "six" standard strict demands on themselves, chuangxianzhengyou, thought and action really used to promote the work on development and reform. Three is a serious organization to open a good green political theory seminar No. 100 and the first half of the economic situation analysis will be arranged in the second half of the work to ensure the successful completion of the work.


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