Victory Road Subdistrict Office Park Lane Community Party interpretation of chorus

yesterday morning, Wang Cunzhong came to the early victory Street Office Park Lane community, directing staff to install the background wall. People who know him know, although he is not a community worker, but it is most supportive of community work in the jurisdiction of the unit leader – Qinghai eighth geological and Mineral Exploration Institute party secretary. In order to facilitate the actors to change clothes, he took the initiative to let his office out. Wang Hong, the party secretary of the community, and the actors were all moved.

Park Lane community to the eighth Geological Exploration Institute Party committee and the City Economic Cooperation Bureau presented "the sharing of resources and advanced units were stationed in the building" banner. Wang Cunzhong often encourage employees to participate in community activities.

Dragon Boat Festival this year, the Provincial Department of land and resources in the canteen, community workers and residents together dumplings and steamed buns, canteen staff to teach residents to pack buns skills. We talked and laughed together, spent a happy holiday. At present, the Park Lane community has established contact with the 7 Party building work area units, employing units of Party branch in charge of community consultative committee members, and improve the system of joint meeting to discuss the work of Party building, were stationed in the building activities. Next, they will continue to communicate with the jurisdiction of the unit, the establishment of the unit talent pool, organized jointly organized activities to form a pattern of resource sharing. Through the joint construction activities to enhance the majority of workers in the community unit stationed in the community, community care, community building concept, to maximize the realization of social resources sharing, better service for the residents.

were stationed in the building unit responsible person said, in fact, this kind of support from the community work recognized the work of the community party into the jurisdiction of units involved in the chorus, the formation of everyone concerned about the good atmosphere of participation in community building.

"now, more and more units, began to participate in community building. Street offices and communities, but also through a total of co construction, a new way of sharing resources, explore new community building model to encourage social forces to participate in community construction, so that more people benefit." For social resources to support community building, Victory Road Subdistrict Office Park Lane Community Party Secretary Wang Hong deep feelings, the construction of a harmonious community confidence.


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