Seven modes of boosting military and political Datong county enterprises build demonstration village

Datong County continue to push forward the "military enterprises build a model village" as the priority among priorities of the new rural construction, innovative methods of work, and actively take effective measures, the creation of "military enterprises build a model village" seven modes, aims to "military enterprises build a model village" activities into the masses satisfaction project.

point guidance mode . Take the method of "3+1", both the contact point leading the pack guidance, inspection teams of staff guidance, Village Village Township leadership guidance, fully implement the leadership responsibility, joint efforts to assist the 1 contact point of the village to carry out the new rural construction, and the selection of "familiar with the village of love, down-to-earth style, excellent service" for cadres each village set up a working group to participate in the activities, help village contact point to clear thinking, improve the planning and plan, the implementation of the project, formed a joint enterprise active participation, the relevant departments to promote pragmatic, fully cooperate with the masses of the village contact point, a positive response, force push the good situation of the new rural construction.

  mechanism perfect mode. improve the coordination mechanism of the member units of the joint meeting system, liaison system construction work, making the county leading cadres contact points, information delivery, daily work weekly system work supervision system, improve the project approval measures and management system of the fund supervision system. At the same time, to advance planning, advance investment, prior to the implementation of the principle of overcoming the county-level financial shortage and other difficulties, recently raising 5 million yuan of special funds, as supplementary funds, timely allocation of special funds for the "real door wall" to comprehensively promote the village renovation, my county Party and military enterprises build a model village "the activities laid a solid foundation.

linkage regulation model. established a joint law enforcement team, assist the township staff, remove non-conforming canyuanduanbi, barricade plaque, toilet stalls, legitimate to urge the villagers to carry out remediation clean-up of roadway debris, "Five" activities in full. Total removal of the ruins of more than 1400 meters, 154 toilet seat, illegally built 52 houses, clean up the garbage, 85 to 136. At the same time to mobilize the enterprises along the road along the Beichuan River and the two sides of the unit to actively improve the wall looks, at present, 90% of enterprises, units have completed the work of wall plastering. Through the joint law enforcement team, business unit wall renovation linkage effects, to further promote the county government enterprises build a model village campaign has made new progress.

  communication mode. to take the work of the meeting will be held, on-site office, coordination and other forms of docking, strengthen coordination and cooperation, strengthen supervision and inspection, timely coordination of the activities to solve the difficulties and problems. The relevant towns and villages using the forum, invited, visit and other ways to communicate with the joint point of business units and units, and strive to build the largest support units and enterprises. At present, there are 87 units;

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