The new hundred stores parity completed before the end of April

this year, our province will build 100 stores parity, accelerate the realization of urban community coverage, stores will strictly implement the access and exit system, has completed the operation for non-compliance of the discount store will cancel the qualification, unqualified will be delisted.

According to the market price regulation

held a joint meeting recently to determine the objectives and requirements, the province’s 100 discount stores before the end of April to complete the construction tasks, all in accordance with the relevant regulations, scientific location, reasonable layout, to ensure the construction quality; strengthen the daily management, orderly operation, ensure that low-priced stores play a guiding role in the stability of market price agricultural and sideline products.

it is reported that this year our province from cheap store area, operating varieties and product quality, sales price and other aspects of strict access and acceptance, to ensure parity shop construction quality; at the same time, establish and improve the exit mechanism to increase the discount store, discount store check test force for non-compliance, and fulfill the obligations of government parity price stores, overdue rectification, the rectification is not in place or to withdraw, cancel its qualification of discount stores. In the assessment, management of the parity dishes price tag and commodity out of cheap agricultural products less variety, and insufficient supply of high quality or defective dishes will expire as sales of YanZha parity dishes.


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