Production and management of animal husbandry technology training classes in Xining

6 16, one of the international human resources development project of national livestock production and management technology training classes in Xining.

it is understood, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the Department of Commerce and International Economic Cooperation Promotion Center hosted "animal husbandry production and management of technical training course" in June 16th to July 15th held in Xining, this is my third consecutive undertake and implement national international human resources development project. During the training, participants will learn the system of modern animal husbandry technology application and development in Qinghai Province, grassland construction status, risk warning mechanism, animal husbandry livestock improvement method, construction, livestock breeding system of dairy products processing, feed technology, mechanic and breeding, cultivation of forage grass biological disasters, animal parasites and parasite disease course.

for hosting this training class, the provincial commerce department relevant staff from the beginning of this year, through the mail, fax, telephone and other different ways to contact the Chinese Embassy, preparation, drafting and translation of conference materials, carefully arranged for foreign student learning, study and life of the preparatory work. At the same time, also proposed during the training class of emergency plans and approved by the provincial government approved. There are nearly 40 officials from Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions of the country, experts signed up to participate in the training of 25.


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