The United States of Qinghai leveraging the The Belt and Road win-win development

Flowers TuRui Yingbin Peng, beautiful Qinghai new exhibition.

through the professional and lively show, we are more and more clearly positioning the food and supplies halal "province growth" context: This is to enhance the scale, and a progressive open cooperation; this is to strengthen the connotation, once again witnessed win-win cooperation.

let out – Qinghai

the opening day, the province will focus on strengthening international economic cooperation and promote the development of halal industry "theme, the economic and trade cooperation Roundtable held with" The Belt and Road along the countries and regions. From Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other countries and regions about politicians, diplomats, business associations responsible person, business representatives gathered to discuss international halal food products industry in Chinese "The Belt and Road" strategic layout in faster development.

"The Belt and Road" concept to promote the Muslim areas along the Silk Road Economic and cultural development, is a golden opportunity, we should seize this opportunity to show their own advantage. For halal food, supplies enterprises in our province, this is a time to go out and outside the province, the development of foreign enterprises, excellent opportunity.


"did not participate in the Qing food exhibition, enterprises can only rely on their own meager strength to create a platform for propaganda, since I have been on this platform, we are out of the increasingly fast pace, the development of enterprises also have new strength." From "kept in purdah did not know, until now, has successfully opened the door, inside and outside the province and even foreign markets for halal food products enterprises in the province, clean food exhibition held is undoubtedly the best platform for their development in.

"make Qinghai local products from here out of Qinghai." Qinghai budup investment development limited company chairman Ma Junyi said that the company’s brand products by Paterson beef and mutton show improved visibility, especially foreign merchants of Qinghai green meat very interested, businesses see open foreign markets from the dawn of the "clean food exhibition".

in enterprises, xuezhou Sanrong, Yijia, Xian red sauce, Kekexili, Tai food etc.;

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