Environmental remediation so that the fire West Ocean up

in Xining City Nanshan green barrier, with a small village, Peng Jia Zhai Zhen Huo Xi Cun, Chengxi district this year to raise funds 1 million 280 thousand yuan, completed the fire and environmental remediation projects Nishimura Road, now high pole lights into the village, the unique shape of the flat, clean roads…… Let the village glow with an unprecedented modernization.

reporter walked into the village of fire, in front of the village is clean and tidy, cement paved the road to the door of every household. A villager told reporters that before the village there are only a few dirt roads, rainy days muddy road is difficult, the villagers do not go out. Now the village roads are newly repaired, we travel convenience. In addition, the village is also fitted with a high pole lights out at night, no longer afraid of the dark.

West District Agricultural Bureau of the person in charge, this year on the road and environmental remediation project in the west area of the village built the village 1.2 kilometers, which plagued the village of 178 households, more than and 700 people travel difficult problems to be solved. At the same time, this year for the village, built a new drainage network, the villagers have not only clear and the drainage pipe, tap water, washing dishes, washing clothes, dirty water can be discharged through the drainage pipe, the villagers live more and more comfortable. (author: small words)

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