November 2017

A5 Webmaster do a part-time job The promotion ceremony, Shanghai dragon diagnosis immediately return

3 free A5 marketing team finishing, with the hair of the chain, time is money, let you quick step.


A, the authority of the "Shanghai Phoenix proposal":

B, the value-added service – Rotary launched, sending a drive:

Topic: 贵族宝贝

details: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/

6, all through this activity payment website, additional gift: an editorial training program (15000 yuan fee customer services, the free gift).

5, Shanghai dragon consulting service expires, if the site within two months occurred right down, we are free to help restore the weight, or give a new diagnosis of Shanghai dragon. read more

Talk about the new sites included love Shanghai submitted outdated method

algorithm and the new algorithm, compared to the link, a smaller link algorithm to determine, even a single link not to be included, other links with a web site is not affected.

(1) to the site before the site robots, prevent the query to the spider web site, lying in the gun.

1. new Shanghai submitted

website collect and snapshot has been Shanghai Longfeng hot research station for enterprises and large area station group website webmaster friends, if this problem can be resolved, should be able to save more than half of the time cost. read more