March 2021

New Music from Nine Inch Nails?

first_imgChris MeyerTrent Reznor has kept himself quite busy recently with winning an Oscar for “Best Original Score” with The Social Network, scoring The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, writing music for the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and recording music for the second How to Destroy Angels album (which he plays in with his wife Mariqueen Maandig).  Now, he has recently made comments with regards to new Nine Inch Nails material.Since disbanding in early 2009, after a string of intimate shows in NYC and Los Angeles, Reznor has found a creative outlet with several different projects.  To many fans dismay, it looked as if NIN was gone for good; however, Reznor recently told Rolling Stone, “I never said that wasn’t going to happen, just that it couldn’t go on as it was.”  So, can we expect new music out of NIN? “All signs point to yes….there are some things in the works.”  This is exciting news for NIN fans all over the world. On a potential tour, Reznor went on to say, “Yeah, if it feels right, it’s a possibility.”Until that time, Reznor and Maandig will be releasing a How to Destroy Angels’ An Omen EP on November 13th, which will be followed up by a full-length album sometime in early 2013.  Check back with L4LM for more updates as they are announced.last_img read more

Paul McCartney to Release “New” Music

first_imgToday, Paul McCartney has made some New music available.It’s available for purchase here: about the New track, Paul said: “We can do what we want, we can live as we choose.”This new track hints at things to come from Paul’s forthcoming New album, set for release on October 14th in the UK (October 15th in the US). This will be his first album of brand New solo material in six years.McCartney’s New album will include 12 new songs, which he worked on with new collaborators. Paul’s New song is produced by Mark Ronson.More new details to follow in the coming weeks. For now, give a listen to the full track:last_img read more

CBGB Festival Announces Free Show in Times Square w/ My Morning Jacket, Grizzly Bear, James Murphy and More

first_imgThe 2nd annual CBGB Music & Film Festival is coming to New York City and Brooklyn the week of Oct. 9th-13th (with a film premiere on the 8th), and will feature over performances by a myriad of artists at over 175 venues across the city, including a free show in Times Square with My Morning Jacket, Grizzly Bear, The Wallflowers, a special DJ set by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), and several others on Saturday, October 12th.In addition, the event will feature attracts like a music equipment expo, skateboard half-pipe, rock climbing, record fair and a silent disco.Tickets for various shows and events associated with the festival can be purchased via the CBGB website and Ticketmaster.last_img read more

The 40 Highest Paid Artists Of 2013

first_imgBillboard has released a list of the top 40 highest paid artists of 2013, and, well, none of the results are particularly surprising. Of course Taylor Swift tops the list, earning a whopping $39,699,575.60 in 2013. For those unaware, that is a lot of money.The rankings seem to confirm the modern music industry perspective that recorded music isn’t worth much at all. Sure, it’s important for artists to create and produce new music, but the supporting tours net these artists significantly more money than the recordings themselves. Phish, for example, earned (net) $12.4 million in 2013, despite having not released an album since 2009 and selling only 52,000 copies this year.Lots of mainstream pop, classic rock, and country singers appear on the list, with a few hip hop exceptions (Kanye, Lil Wayne, Eminem and Jay-Z) along the way. The data was calculated by incorporating net revenue from “touring, recorded- music sales, publishing royalties and revenue from digital music and video streaming.” The figures do not include sponsorships and merchandising… so these artists probably made even more money than is listed below. Anyway, here’s the list:01. Taylor Swift – $39,699,575.6002. Kenny Chesney – $32, 956,240.7003. Justin Timberlake – $31,463,297.0304. Bon Jovi – $29,436,801.0405. The Rolling Stones – $26,225,121.7106. Beyoncé – $24,429,176.8607. Maroon 5 – $22,284,754.0708. Luke Bryan – $22,142,235.9809. Pink – $20,072,072.3210. Fleetwood Mac – $19,123,101.9811. Justin Bieber – $18,873,458.4112. Bruno Mars – $18,839,68113. One Direction – $18,041,472.6914. Jason Aldean – $17,896,191.9815. George Strait – $16,002,761.6316. Jay Z – $15,652,428.8217. Michael Bublé – $14,478,08418. Mumford & Sons – $14,172,940.8719. Dave Matthews Band – $13,932,731.1420. Rihanna – $12,794,186.1621. Paul McCartney – $13,769,479.1622. The Eagles – $13,026,210.1823. Celine Dion – $12,755,539.7124. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – $12,473,798.2025. Phish – $12,406,611.9526. Kanye West – $11,574,833.9227. Blake Shelton – $10,349,774.7728. John Mayer – $10,010,017.1729. New Kids on the Block – $9,938,526.5930. Zac Brown Band – $9,888,213.3231. Imagine Dragons – $9,448,031.6832. Jimmy Buffett – $9,404,015.7133. Elton John – $9,369,224.5334. Rascal Flatts – $9,215,475.7835. Rush – $9,050,583.4236. Miranda Lambert – $8,831,605.8937. Lil Wayne – $8,788,416.6638. Tim McGraw – $8,761,716.6139. Eminem – $8,524,782.9940. Carrie Underwood – $8,051,483.55[Story and photo courtesy of Billboard, list format courtesy of Consequence of Sound]last_img read more

Video: Bassists of moe. and Umphrey’s McGee Fight Backstage at Summer Camp Music Festival

first_imgThis past weekend at Summer Camp Music Festival, it appears certain members of .moe and Umphrey’s McGee found a new way to “collaborate” while offstage.  A video uploaded recently depicts the bassists of the two bands, Rob Derhak and Ryan Stasik respectively, arguing verbally, followed by a physical altercation on the floor. Two beer bottles were smashed on the head of Ryan Stasik.  Fortunately, the video was all in good fun, but watch and see exactly how this faux-brawl went down.Here is a video of the action:last_img read more

Wilco’s Nels Cline and Scott Law to Guest with Phil Lesh & Friends at Capitol Theatre

first_imgWith Phil Lesh & Friends taking up a good chunk of the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY’s weekend schedule throughout November, it is about that time for special guests to be announced. Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, who will be coming off a 3-night stand with Wilco at The Cap, will play with the bassist on Nov. 1st, along with guitarist Scott Law, who will also play with the band on Halloween. Cline also joined Lesh this past May at the venue.Joe Russo, Dan Lebowitz, Rob Barraco and John Kadlecik will make up the rest of the band during the first of five consecutive weekends at the venue. Each weekend will have a different lineup, so be sure to check out who’s playing here.Tickets can be purhased here.[via] Phil & Friends with Cline at The Cap “Ripple”:last_img read more

B.B. King’s Death Is Being Investigated As Murder

first_imgPrevious reports concluded that B.B. King had died of a series of strokes resulting from complications from diabetes. Now, two of King’s daughters are coming out and claiming that they believe their father’s business manager Laverne Toney was responsible for his death. The case is being investigated as a possible homicide.Toney, who has power of attorney over King’s estate, was the last person to see King alive. She has a longstanding legal battle with BB’s kids and refused to let them visit their father in the days surrounding his death. The family is accusing her of poisoning their father to death. They also believe she took advantage of his finances and misappropriated millions of dollars.Rolling Stones Bust Out The Hits & Tribute B.B. King At Intimate Sticky Fingers ShowBuddy Guy recently spoke out about his experience being denied entry to see his friend in his final days. “That lady wouldn’t let nobody see him,” he said. “She would lock out everybody… she didn’t want nobody to see him for some strange reason.”The results of the autopsy will be released in the next 6-8 weeks, and the death is being investigated as a homicide, Digital Journal reports.The King family hosted a celebration of B.B. King’s life at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas this past weekend.[Via Gawker]last_img read more

Dave Matthews, Jim James, Ryan Adams & More Give Their Top Grateful Dead Songs Of All Time

first_imgWith all the recent hype surrounding their upcoming reunion shows, it comes as no surprise that the Grateful Dead are the centerpiece of the latest issue of Rolling Stone. One interesting feature looks at a number of influential artists’ top Grateful Dead songs of all time. Here are the results and some of our favorite quotes from the article.Grateful Dead Members Are Auctioning Off 300 ‘Fare Thee Well’ Tickets For CharityJim James (My Morning Jacket) — “Candyman”“There’s something about [Jerry’s] voice and his guitar tone, it radiated peace, but not a stupid peace, not a fucking tie-dye shirt with a peace sign on it: It was a questioning, kind of dark, peace.”Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) — “Me and My Uncle”“Their sets had movements, almost like opera or classical music. They went on a journey. No one does that anymore. If I did a live record, I would want it to have that quality, because it’s just fucking electrifying.”Dave Matthews (Dave Matthews Band) — “Casey Jones”“When I was a little kid, I heard ‘Casey Jones.’ I liked it before I knew what cocaine was, and before I knew what ‘high’ was. So that one is sort of the nursery rhyme that sticks in my mind.”Ryan Adams — “Wharf Rat”“I was tripping — I don’t remember if it was acid or mushrooms. When ‘Wharf Rat’ came on the car stereo, it broke through my mind. An epiphany came over me. This was the late Eighties, early Nineties, the Me Generation, the Ayn Rand era. People were calling people ‘bums.’ And then here’s the Dead, singing about this guy living on the street down by the wharf like he’s a wizard, a mystical creature worthy of your time and respect.”Chris Robinson (Chris Robinson Brotherhood) — “Dark Star”“When I first got into the Grateful Dead I realized that ‘Dark Star,’ in the universe of the band, is its own black hole. It’s outside of the regular realms of space, time, mathematics and gravitational realities…You know it was born from a real psychedelic experience, a real one.”Read the full piece in Rolling Stone.last_img read more

Grateful Dead Lyricist John Perry Barlow Endures Heart Attack

first_imgGrateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow, who was a high school classmate and longtime lyrical contributor to Bob Weir, suffered a heart attack earlier this week. Barlow penned the lyrics to songs like “The Music Never Stopped,” “Cassidy,” “Let It Grow,” “Estimated Prophets,” and so many other staples of the Dead’s repertoire.Barlow, 67, was nearly dead, but fortunately is in the hospital recovering. His messages on Twitter certainly show an optimistic tone, and we wish him all the best as he continues the healing process.last_img read more

Sister Sparrow Announces Thoroughly Extensive Tour Schedule

first_imgSister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds have announced an extensive tour! With dates spanning from July 9th through November 21st, this is one seriously extensive tour schedule for one of the best, road-tested acts around. The band is touring on the heels of their new album release, The Weather Below.Sister Sparrow Is Thoroughly Proud Of Her Band’s New AlbumThe dates include appearances at a number of major festivals as well, including Forecastle Festival, Great South Bay Music Festival, ARISE Music Festival, Suwannee Hulaween and more. You can check out the full schedule below, and find more information on the band’s official website.last_img read more